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Ciara McAllister is a San Francisco singer, songwriter and pianist whose songs fuse elements of pop, rock, blues and jazz with the classical music in which she’s formally trained. With a voice that’s as strong as it is vulnerable, a gift for personal songwriting and an old-soul sensibility, McAllister calls to mind ‘70s greats like Carole King and Stevie Nicks, yet with modern influences — a bit of Regina Spektor’s avant-garde folk-pop, a touch of Fiona Apple’s sultry edge.

After more than a decade of singing and playing keys in Bay Area rock bands, McAllister struck out on her own. Performing for the first time as a solo artist, Ciara let her voice take the spotlight, and waded out into unknown musical territory. The result is To Shimmering Light (coming in 2019) a debut solo record that’s both deeply intimate and grand in scope. McAllister will perform in San Francisco and tour the west coast with her new songs throughout 2019.